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Fresh from the archives. This photo was from a 2007 trip up to Portland, OR.

In this day and age of multiple online outlets for photographers to showcase their work, the need to have a successful, coherent, and stable workflow is paramount. There are a number of programs that photographers use to catalog and organize their work, but since I only use Adobe’s Lightroom I’m only going to focus on that program. Continue reading

Fresh from the archives! Found this sign just outside of Inverness, CA way back in 2005.

Shot from a moving vehicle (hanging out the passenger window) with a Nikon D70.

Images that POP!!!

Ever wanted to see what kind of images REALLY thrive on metallic paper? Well here are a few hand picked images of mine that make full use of the Kodak ENDURA Professional Metallic paper! Of course, these aren’t the only images of mine that look stunning on this paper, generally any image with sharp contrasts and/or vibrant colors will look amazing as metallic prints.

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The Dawn Breaks Through, placed 5th in the “Light” challenge earlier today.

The Lost Jandal

A tribute for all those that have lost Jandals/Sandals somewhere at the beach!

Peeking Through



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