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The result of water being compressed through a narrow 20m wide gorge at the top of the falls. Water is moving so rapidly that the waterfall itself extends an average of 8m beyond where the rock ledge ends.

The narrow gorge in the Waikato River just north of the city of Taupo compresses the width of the river from an average of 100m wide to just 20m wide, causing the water to race over the 11m drop at astonishing speeds. The gorge moves up to 220k liters of water per second!

Located in the small township of Turangi on the south side of Lake Taupo, these thermal pools are far too hot to step foot in, but the adjacent Turangi Hot Springs uses water from these pools (mixed with cold water from the lake) to create an enjoyable soak on the cheap.

This one is from the first shoot I had with Kristy, just 1 day after I arrived in Australia, and my second shot that day. We went to a small park just down the street from where I was staying in McDowall with some good results.

Traveling south on the Coromandel from Waikawau Bay was a lovely drive through some pristine countryside. A perfect day for a morning drive to Hahei.

Kristy was such an adventurer on our day trip around the Mount Nebo area of Brisbane. We’d be driving along and she’d say “Stop the Car!” and dash off into the woods. Such a joy working with a model that is passionate and enthusiastic about creating art.

View from the Cathedral Cove trail in Hahei, New Zealand. Quite the tourist destination, and for good reason as it is absolutely beautiful! The alternative “trail” to get from Hahei to Cathedral Cove is a guided snorkel trail underwater.

Just north of Gisborne, NZ going back in to civilization from the long drive around East Cape was this overlook of a beautiful expansive beach.

Also worth mentioning for the kiwi movie buffs is that along this stretch of coastline is where the movie “Whale Rider” was filmed.

A very photogenic rock face with the wonderful Tash. We managed to get quite a few shots at this location. Australia, 2009

Found this very small coastal community when traveling out towards East Cape. Amazingly clear sky with just the slightest hint of cloud rising up from the horizon.



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