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What do you do on a warm May afternoon down in southern California when you find an old metal basin sink? Why you fill it with water, grab a model, and shoot of course! Pixie fit perfectly in this tub and she even got some bubbly to sip during the shoot. Continue reading
An elegant crane perched high up in a tree out at Natural Bridges State Park. This one must love being in front of the camera because he later flew down into the marshlands for another shot. Continue reading
A lone crane perched on a waterloged branch in the wetlands around Natural Bridges State Park. This park is located just north of Santa Cruz California off oh Highway 1 and offers great wildlife viewing as well as walking tracks and a cozy beach. Continue reading
Taking the Middle McCloud Falls head on and offering up a nice full view. Located in the small town of McCloud at the base of Mt Shasta, the McCloud River is dotted with camp grounds for visitors to stay at while enjoying the beautiful yet cold river.
A series of three main waterfalls, this being the second, are the primary attraction in the area. Continue reading
Located in the heart of the Blue Mountains, Wentworth Falls towers at an astonishing 614ft in three tiers. The falls are somewhat seasonal and fed by the Jamison Creek and is a short(ish) drive from Sydney. Continue reading

Well well, what a day! I woke up this morning to find that one of my art nude images made it to the published online gallery over at! And, to make it even better, PhotoVogue’s editor accepted the same image to be displayed on their website as well!!! The image (shown below) is an older art nude of mine from back in 2007, though I never released it until late 2013. From reading the editorial reviews over at, this image was fairly controversial in regards to it’s technical composition, but in the end the curators decided to publish it. A big thanks to the curators over at and PhotoVogue for including this image in your galleries! 😀

This image, titled “Floating Free” features Jenn floating down a small stream up in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The light texture being cast on her legs and lower torso is stunning! While difficult to really see the detail in a web-sized image, this one makes for a great print to hold. A great location that we visited a number of times for both shooting and just enjoying a nice day. This was taken on our very first visit to this location (near Roaring Camp) when we teamed up with fellow photographer Andrew Kaiser and spent the day exploring the area. The water was a bit cold, and Jenn sure took the brunt of the water temperature, but everyone involved in this shoot got a bit wet that day.

Prints of this image can be purchased at the following links: Open Edition | Limited Edition

The sun sets over the pacific out at Pigeon Point. Located just south of Pescadero, CA between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz. The lighthouse is one of the tallest on the west coast of the US and a close by hostel can set you up for the night if it isn't already full. Continue reading
01/18/2014: Small change to Open Edition prices for larger prints to make them more in-line with starting price of Limited Edition Prints.
The small pool outlet below Kitekite Falls which feeds the Piha stream for the last couple miles before reaching the ocean. Continue reading
One of the towers along the main wall at Castello di Amorosa Winery. Located on the northern end of the valley this place is just stunning to see! Continue reading



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