A long and ongoing story here with eBay “support” that I hope NOBODY ever has to deal with:

eBay removed a listing of mine for being in the wrong category last week. This listing, along with 300 other listings that I repeatedly do on a regular basis, is a photo print listed in the Art > Direct from the Artist > Photographs category.

The subject of the photograph is a nude woman, and as such (per eBay policy, more on this later) I added the “item specific attribute” of “Subject: Nudes”. The photo is not a “spread eagle” closeup of a woman’s crotch, in fact the only nudity visible is bare breasts.

eBay’s own policy regarding nudity in images specifically states that they are allowed in any of the “Art” categories as long as the above mentioned item specific attribute is present.

So why then was my listing removed? Good question! One that has gone unanswered for the past week and 5 phone calls to eBay’s “support” staff. I’ve been told such crazy things in this endeavor like “an image on eBay can only be defined as containing nudity if it is in the ‘Adult Only’ category, so the policy you referenced does not apply”, to most reps just flat out denying that such policy page even exists, to being told that there is no “Subject: Nudes” item detail option in the art categories despite me staring right at it.

But enough about the actual listing, the staff in the Trust & Safety Dept would be laughable if not for the sheer pathetic way they handle these types of cases. Upon my first call a week ago, and after being led in meaningless circles by a dimwitted rep on the phone, I was told to just reply to the removal email explaining my appeal. I was assured that the maximum timeframe for a response to such an appeal was 48 hours.

Guess what!? Yeah, no response by Friday afternoon. So I call back asking why I had yet to receive a response to my appeal. After ~30 minutes of the rep making herself look like a complete moron by dodging my question and reciting policies that related to erotic films, I was yet again assured and promised a reply within 48 hours. With the weekend and the holiday coming up, I specifically asked if either would affect response time, I was told “No”.

Knowing full well that I would no get even a hint of a response over the weekend, I decided to wait 48 hours NOT including the weekend/holiday but to no surprise I had still not gotten anything back from eBay on this issue.

I called again today, a full 7 days since the initial appeal was filed, asking why I had not yet gotten a response. The woman on the phone insisted that she NEEDED to look up all the information on the case before she could answer that question. Of course, she didn’t even come close to providing me a reason why twice now the Trust & Safety Dept had failed to meet required response deadlines. Instead she wanted me to explain my case to her, that didn’t get very far.

When I asked her if she could look at the policy page with me on the phone, she refused, stating that she knew the policy and didn’t need to “look it up” and told me that I wasn’t reading “whatever page you are on” correctly. Crossed the line by a mile with that one, So I asked to speak to a manager. She instantly, without pause, said “he’s not available”. I informed her that she didn’t even check and again asked to speak with a manager. Again she refused. Finally I told her that I was done dealing with her and asked to be transfered to someone else in the same department, you know, since the manager wasn’t available. Again, she refused. I hung up the phone after muttering some focused obscenities her way.

Called right back, hoping to get someone that would let me speak to a manager. No such luck but at least this new woman seemed to take the time to actually attempt to get a manager. When she couldn’t, she took down my phone number and assured me that I would receive a call from the department’s manager within 2 hours.

Well…..yeah sorry, the surprise factor has worn off by now. No call 4 hours later. Third time’s a charm (no, not really), and I call yet again this evening. By this point I’m less concerned with my listing being removed than I am at just how awful the support is. So a new woman on the phone, I skip the mention of a listing removal and dive right in to the fact that It’s been an entire week yada yada yada.

This woman was at least kind enough to be the one person in all of this to actually look at the policy page with me. When I pointed out, and she read back to me, the specific bullet points that make it quite clear that my listing was valid and in the right place, she paused for a moment and just could not come up with a response. Stopped dead in her tracks almost mid sentence, she fell back to looking for the elusive manager again, which of course was not available.

She said the best she could do was make another note on the case for the manager to call me within 24 hours. I ended the conversation by making sure that she also noted that If I didn’t get a call by then, that I was going to file a formal complaint with the BBB as well as send a detailed email of the situation to eBay’s CEO (who’s email address I got from this website, thank you very much!)

If I were a betting man, I’d be banking on writing that report to the BBB tomorrow afternoon.

Here is the policy page for reference: http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/adult-only.html


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