Over The Edge

Novato, Califirnia

After getting some shots of the lower falls I made the first climb up to the top of the middle falls. I was hoping to get to the base of the middle falls, but found that the side of the hill I was climbing just didn’t provide access easy enough. Instead though, I managed to get into position in the middle of the creek for a shot looking down over the middle falls and into the valley below.

The creek here is quite narrow and the water flow wasn’t at its peak, wich worked out perfectly for this shot. The vantage point here is is somethere around 75 feet above the base of the lower falls, certainly not a drop I’d like to make myself. The upper falls are another quarter mile up the valley behind me.

Nikon D300 w/ 18-70mm G:
18mm, f/22, 6sec, ISO 100

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