Limited Edition prints are signed, numbered, and come with a certificate of authenticity directly from me. Each print is available in a limited run of only 100 prints per image and once they’re gone no further signed prints will be available for that image. The first print of an image for this edition is always reserved for me. This means that the public has 99 prints available.

With Limited Edition Prints, the size print you get is up to you. Each size costs the same (except a small printing fee for the larger sizes) and no matter what size you choose; the print number is used. An example of this is print #10 of an image was printed at 8×12. That is the only print #10 for that image and the next customer would get print #11 in the size of their choosing.

Limited Edition
Print #1 Reserved
Prints 2-50 $100
Prints 51-75 $175
Prints 76-90 $300
Prints 91-95 $400
Prints 96-100 $800
Size Options
 Size Additional Cost
8×12 $0
10×15 $0
12×18 $0
16×24 $20
20×30 $27
24×36 $44
30×40 $46

Limited Edition Prints can be purchased directly from my new web-store.

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