San Gregorio, California

Back when I was living in San Mateo, Jenn and I would frequently visit the coast for photo shoots. One of the beaches that we found of particular interest was Pomponio South, which was located just south of Pomponio State Beach. The access to this stretch of sand however was not as easy, so it became a prime place for some art nude images.

This is an older image, from May of 2007, when we decided to take a morning drive out to this beach to make use of the softer light and the expansive beach provided by the low tide. Here we see Jenn kneeling on the beach facing out into the vast Pacific Ocean.

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Just north of Gisborne, NZ going back in to civilization from the long drive around East Cape was this overlook of a beautiful expansive beach.

Also worth mentioning for the kiwi movie buffs is that along this stretch of coastline is where the movie “Whale Rider” was filmed.

Found this very small coastal community when traveling out towards East Cape. Amazingly clear sky with just the slightest hint of cloud rising up from the horizon.



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