Pleasanton, California

Another image from our short trip to rural Pleasanton in the fall of 2005. This hillside, despite being mostly brown grass provided a great setting for a few shots. The sun was out and there wasn’t a cloud in the late afternoon sky.

In this image, the cloudless sky offered a distraction free area to really capture Jenn with some good contrast. She’s facing west with the lowering sun fully lighting the front of her body and leaving nice, dark shadows behind. The whole image has a sort of radiance to it as Jenn appears to shine in the sunlight.

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Davenport, California

The long stretch of coastline south of Davenport is a popular destination on warm sunny days where the various beaches are dotted with people from all over the bay area. On the not so warm days however, many of these beaches are empty save for the waves and wildlife.

Panther Beach is one such beach. With access to the beach limited by the tide, and a moderate climb down the cliffs, many beachgoers will pass up the rare opportunity to have the beach to themselves. Jenn and I decided to do just that for some fun shooting on a rather cloudy day.

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Yosemite, California

Cathedral Rocks tower above the Yosemite Valley and are reflected in a calm spot along the mirror like Merced River. This was a rather gloomy day with spots of rain here and there making for a sky that erupted with life and diversity.

I absolutely love Yosemite in the late fall months! The summer crowds are gone leaving the valley rather quiet and peaceful. Took this shot on my birthday in 2005 when Jenn and I decided a day trip to the valley would be a good getaway.

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Davenport, California

The towering sandstone cliffs of the San Mateo coastline may be well known to locals of the area but are seldom the focus of attention. That kinda changes when one goes out to visit Panther Beach just south of Davenport as the cliff face has been sculpted by time, wind, water, and sea spray into intricate patterns and layers.

Panther Beach sits adjacent to the aptly named Hole In The Wall Beach and access is easy during low tide. During high tide however, expect to get more than your feet wet going through the hole between the two beaches, and at times don’t attempt it at all.

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Eagle Falls, California

A short walk south of Vikingsholm Castle will take you to the very end of the Eagle Falls Trail where a series of cascades tumble and flows down the last few hundred feet before flowing into Lake Tahoe. A small bridge over the river provided the perfect viewpoint for this image.

Despite the chill in the air, Jenn and I decided to make the short hike down from the Emerald Bay vista parking lot along highway 89 down to lake level. The sun was out and and the views were spectacular! This was also the first time I had ventured down to the waters of Emerald Bay.

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What do you do on a warm May afternoon down in southern California when you find an old metal basin sink? Why you fill it with water, grab a model, and shoot of course! Pixie fit perfectly in this tub and she even got some bubbly to sip during the shoot. Continue reading
An elegant crane perched high up in a tree out at Natural Bridges State Park. This one must love being in front of the camera because he later flew down into the marshlands for another shot. Continue reading
A lone crane perched on a waterloged branch in the wetlands around Natural Bridges State Park. This park is located just north of Santa Cruz California off oh Highway 1 and offers great wildlife viewing as well as walking tracks and a cozy beach. Continue reading

View from Waiheke Island out towards the Hauraki Gulf during a late summer trip to the island. Just a short ferry ride from Auckland, Waiheke Island is known for it’s numerous wineries scattered about in an ideal climate for vines.

Barrels line the walls in the lower chambers of the V. Sattui Winery just outside of St. Helena California. Ended up here one day while touring around the Napa valley with a Japanese exchange student. There was a party scheduled and the place was just packed!



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