Novato, California

April 15th, 2014, the evening haze that had been lingering for hours as the full lunar eclipse, or Blood Moon, began finally cleared up at about midnight. I got my gear ready and set up shop in my back yard for about an hour until I finally got this image at about 12:45am PDT.

I just love witnessing these full lunar eclipses and the resulting images scattred about the internet. Such a mind boggle to think that so many people were all looking at the same thing for a period of time tonight, and it wasn’t a TV or computer screen!

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Eagle Falls, California

A short walk south of Vikingsholm Castle will take you to the very end of the Eagle Falls Trail where a series of cascades tumble and flows down the last few hundred feet before flowing into Lake Tahoe. A small bridge over the river provided the perfect viewpoint for this image.

Despite the chill in the air, Jenn and I decided to make the short hike down from the Emerald Bay vista parking lot along highway 89 down to lake level. The sun was out and and the views were spectacular! This was also the first time I had ventured down to the waters of Emerald Bay.

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