Santa Cruz, California

Walking along the foot bridges and trails around the Natural Bridges State Park, just north of Santa Cruz, in early spring. The place is teeming with floral growth and Calla Lilys are in abundance.

This particular Calla Lily, however, managed to grow away from the rest of the pack in some dense foliage just off to the side of the path. And, even though the sun was shining, the light was filtered out quite a bit from the tree canopy above.

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Novato, California

A nice early spring blossoming of the plum trees here in Novato, CA. Its a very magical time of the year that lasts about a week when the numerous plum and cherry plum trees are filled with beautiful white and pinkish blossoms.

Today was the perfect day to get some shots of these spring time blossoms with a light cloud cover adding in some drama to the sky. Took this one in my back yard with my trusty (and heavy) manual AiS lens.

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Novato, California

Spring seems to be upon us here in Marin County despite the forecast for a nasty storm coming this week! I took the opportunity to capture the plum blossoms out in the back yard before they blanket the ground and are gone for another year.

I decided this was a prime opportunity to use my old 35-70mm f/3.5 AiS manual focus lens as the minimum focus distance is extreemly short, 0.35 meters to be exact! The result is a nice sharp foreground and a background that is just bursting with color and that nice out-of-focus bokeh.

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Jenolan Caves, New South Wales

I had some time between underground cave tours to explore the greater Jenolan Caves Park area, so I decided to take a walk down the River Trail. Shortly after leaving the central gathering area of the park I came to a steel bridge that led across a ravine and continued down river.

I took this shot from the edge of the small bridge that overlooked a tiny cascade and a beautiful pool surrounded with lush greenery. Vibrant magenta flowers were growing out of cracks in the rock directly below the bridge that added a nice foreground element.

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