Taking the Middle McCloud Falls head on and offering up a nice full view. Located in the small town of McCloud at the base of Mt Shasta, the McCloud River is dotted with camp grounds for visitors to stay at while enjoying the beautiful yet cold river.
A series of three main waterfalls, this being the second, are the primary attraction in the area. Continue reading
Located in the heart of the Blue Mountains, Wentworth Falls towers at an astonishing 614ft in three tiers. The falls are somewhat seasonal and fed by the Jamison Creek and is a short(ish) drive from Sydney. Continue reading
The sun sets over the pacific out at Pigeon Point. Located just south of Pescadero, CA between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz. The lighthouse is one of the tallest on the west coast of the US and a close by hostel can set you up for the night if it isn't already full. Continue reading
The small pool outlet below Kitekite Falls which feeds the Piha stream for the last couple miles before reaching the ocean. Continue reading
One of the towers along the main wall at Castello di Amorosa Winery. Located on the northern end of the valley this place is just stunning to see! Continue reading
Visitors to Kitekite Falls that don't want to make the climb down to the base of the falls can still enjoy a spectacular view through the trees just a short distance up the trail from the end. A well placed bench is also available. Continue reading

The iconic Napa Valley sign on the north end of the valley.

Folie a Deux winery just outside of Napa, California offers a great indoor or outdoor tasting experience for visitors. It is one of the first stops when making your way from the city of Napa up into the heart of the wine country.

All along the McCloud River are small tubs and pools that were once used for bathing by the natives. This particular tub is just above the upper falls where the river is quite narrow.

Here again we have the lower McCloud falls just outside of the Fowlers campground. This one was taken right at the edge of the rocks overlooking the pool below with a nice view up river into the forest.



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