Taking the Middle McCloud Falls head on and offering up a nice full view. Located in the small town of McCloud at the base of Mt Shasta, the McCloud River is dotted with camp grounds for visitors to stay at while enjoying the beautiful yet cold river.
A series of three main waterfalls, this being the second, are the primary attraction in the area. Continue reading

All along the McCloud River are small tubs and pools that were once used for bathing by the natives. This particular tub is just above the upper falls where the river is quite narrow.

Here again we have the lower McCloud falls just outside of the Fowlers campground. This one was taken right at the edge of the rocks overlooking the pool below with a nice view up river into the forest.

Catching a glimpse of a sun ray coming through the trees just after lunch time at the Middle McCloud Falls. Took this one during a very rare break in the usual crowd that likes to hang out on the rocks.

The McCloud River is ripe with evidence of old lava flows and much of the riverbank is made up of hardened ancient lava rock. The signature swis cheese looking black rocks heat up quite nicely under the afternoon sun so shoes are recommended.

A few miles above the upper falls is the Cattle Camp Swimming Hole. This is a nice big and deep pool where the water isn’t moving too fast. Perfect for the whole family! There is even a really unstable looking rope swing to use if you dare.

High above the Middle McCloud Falls is the parking lot and viewing platforms. Quite a breathtaking view with a steep switchback trail leading down to the pool below the falls.

Upstream from the Upper McCloud Falls is the Linken Dam. Once used to create a holding pond for logs, it now provides a lush home for river otters and various birds.

The small, lush, otter pond above Linken Dam on the McCloud River. A great place to stop and have lunch and just relax for a bit.

Just above the Upper McCloud Falls is a narrow gorge that the water rushes through. Difficult to actually get to the water, but great viewing from the paved walkway.



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