Kauai, Hawaii

A beautiful fall day on the island of Kauai. Light rain in the morning with the clouds giving way to the sun and blue skies by the early afternoon. One of the best things that I liked about Kauai was the ability to just drive to another part of the island if it was raining somewhere. Rarely could I not find some sun.

This image was taken during a zip-line adventure that Jenn and I took on our second day on the island. The tour was based in the northern part of the island and was great fun with stunning views and a great group of people.

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Yosemite, California

Cathedral Rocks tower above the Yosemite Valley and are reflected in a calm spot along the mirror like Merced River. This was a rather gloomy day with spots of rain here and there making for a sky that erupted with life and diversity.

I absolutely love Yosemite in the late fall months! The summer crowds are gone leaving the valley rather quiet and peaceful. Took this shot on my birthday in 2005 when Jenn and I decided a day trip to the valley would be a good getaway.

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So just what do you do after backpacking for 2 days in the summer, climbing almost 2000ft in elevation over a distance of just under 2 miles with no trail!? Forget setting up the tent, strip off and jump in the closest body of water!

Taken during a backpacking trip in the high sierra mountains of California.

Taken on my birthday in 2005, late fall is one of my favorite times of the year to visit Yosemite. The summer crowds are gone, the weather is constantly changing, and the colors are more diverse in the forest.

Even a rainy day at Lake Tahoe can give you some good opportunities for pictures. This image was taken from the boat launch at Cave Rock looking out towards the California side of the lake.



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