Muir Woods

The trail leading out of Muir Woods Park and eventually winding its way up to the Mt. Tam summit starts off as an easy climb. Before too long however you’ll find yourself fighting the “uphill” battle to reach the top before your water supply runs out, especially in the summer.

Being a big tourist hot spot, Muir Woods has no lack of benches along the paths. This one is nestled amongst some ferns.

Old growth Coastal Redwoods towering over a mostly dry section of Redwood Creek in Muir Woods, California. Some of these trees have reached heights of 500ft tall!

Had the chance to use my 37-70mm f/3.5 AIS lens for this one. I really do love that lens but it is heavy and manual focus takes time which is difficult in tourist areas.

Redwood Creek runs through the towering Coastal Redwood forest of Muir Woods National Monument. Water levels were quite low this year due to very little rain over the winter months but it was a peaceful and serene location none the less.

This massive Coastal Redwood tree had fallen with such ferocity that it’s outer layer of bark was torn off. The park service had to cut a chunk of the tree out that was blocking the path and as such this part of the tree lays next to the walkway where some visitors have taken it upon themselves to leave carvings in the soft exposed wood.



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