Death Valley, CA

Now this is an image that I’ve been sitting on for quite some time as I haven’t really had an outlet for the more abstract images I’ve taken. Well, I’m deciding to change that NOW and get this (as well as others) image out of my process queue.

This is an image taken in Death Valley, circa 2005. Its a closeup of some mineral deposits along one of the canyon walls. Here I have greatly increased the contrast to bring out the highlights and darken the shadows quite a bit. The whole process and result reminded me of an oil slick on water. Continue reading

Sterling, California

Late summer in northern California can see days well into triple digits, but thankfully the Feather River offers a cool retreat from the heat. This particular location, just outside of the small town of Sterling, has been a favorite spot of mine since I was a child. The lush vegetation along the riverbanks and the smooth granite rocks offer up many great nooks to relax in.

One such larger formation in the middle of the rushing river provided Jenn the perfect spot to lie in the sun amongst the tall grasses. The vibrant green providing a stark contrast to the warm skin tones and red hair. This place really is paradise.

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Novato, California

The lower cascade of Fairway Falls is known by another name, Arroyo de San Jose. While this is the proper name for this waterfall, most will just refer to it as the more common Fairway Falls due to the trailhead being at the end of Fairway Drive and near the Ignacio golf course.

I got a bit closer for this shot to really emphasize the ferns and moss growing on the rock face of the small waterfall. You can see how the moss directs the water and creates many drip spouts and the whole scene just explodes with vibrant green color. Certainly not what comes to mind when I typically think of Novato.

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Novato, California

We finally got some rain last week and over the weekend! Gosh it seems like forever since that has happened here in Northern California. I mean a real, decent downpour and not a half day of heavy mist. I decided to take an early morning trip to local Fairway Falls that I had not visited in maybe 10 years.

At the end of Fairway Drive in Novato is a trail access that leads up into Indian Valley and a series of small waterfalls. The falls are mainly seasonal, and have been pretty dry for the past couple years due to the lack of rain. I’ve had this trip planned for almost that long just waiting for the right time to go, and can finally check it off my list. Pictured here is the lower falls, and the easiest to access.

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Davenport, California

The towering sandstone cliffs of the San Mateo coastline may be well known to locals of the area but are seldom the focus of attention. That kinda changes when one goes out to visit Panther Beach just south of Davenport as the cliff face has been sculpted by time, wind, water, and sea spray into intricate patterns and layers.

Panther Beach sits adjacent to the aptly named Hole In The Wall Beach and access is easy during low tide. During high tide however, expect to get more than your feet wet going through the hole between the two beaches, and at times don’t attempt it at all.

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Located in the heart of the Blue Mountains, Wentworth Falls towers at an astonishing 614ft in three tiers. The falls are somewhat seasonal and fed by the Jamison Creek and is a short(ish) drive from Sydney. Continue reading

Given the same name as a waterfall in Yosemite National Park, this little waterfall resides on the side of US Highway 50 in the El Dorado National Forest between Pollock Pines and Lake Tahoe.

Below Cave Rock is a little cove and boat launch that grants a vew of the iconic rock while hiding the road, and the caves, from view.

Even a rainy day at Lake Tahoe can give you some good opportunities for pictures. This image was taken from the boat launch at Cave Rock looking out towards the California side of the lake.

A very photogenic rock face with the wonderful Tash. We managed to get quite a few shots at this location. Australia, 2009



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