San Mateo County

Santa Cruz, California

Walking along the foot bridges and trails around the Natural Bridges State Park, just north of Santa Cruz, in early spring. The place is teeming with floral growth and Calla Lilys are in abundance.

This particular Calla Lily, however, managed to grow away from the rest of the pack in some dense foliage just off to the side of the path. And, even though the sun was shining, the light was filtered out quite a bit from the tree canopy above.

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Davenport, California

The long stretch of coastline south of Davenport is a popular destination on warm sunny days where the various beaches are dotted with people from all over the bay area. On the not so warm days however, many of these beaches are empty save for the waves and wildlife.

Panther Beach is one such beach. With access to the beach limited by the tide, and a moderate climb down the cliffs, many beachgoers will pass up the rare opportunity to have the beach to themselves. Jenn and I decided to do just that for some fun shooting on a rather cloudy day.

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Davenport, California

The towering sandstone cliffs of the San Mateo coastline may be well known to locals of the area but are seldom the focus of attention. That kinda changes when one goes out to visit Panther Beach just south of Davenport as the cliff face has been sculpted by time, wind, water, and sea spray into intricate patterns and layers.

Panther Beach sits adjacent to the aptly named Hole In The Wall Beach and access is easy during low tide. During high tide however, expect to get more than your feet wet going through the hole between the two beaches, and at times don’t attempt it at all.

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The sun sets over the pacific out at Pigeon Point. Located just south of Pescadero, CA between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz. The lighthouse is one of the tallest on the west coast of the US and a close by hostel can set you up for the night if it isn't already full. Continue reading



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