Oakland, CA

The dense redwood forest of the aptly named Redwood Regional Park is where Jenn and I went for our January hike. Neither of us had been there before, but it was close by and looked like it offered some decent hiking trails. The walk along the creek trail was quite easy, and even paved for part of the way.

This image of one of the many redwood trees standing against the sun creates a very surreal scene within the forest in the early afternoon. Even though the sun had been out for quite some time, it was at this moment when it finally pierced the veil of cloud and tree cover. Perfect timing as we had stopped to have a bit of a break after our descent from the ridge above. Continue reading

San Leandro, CA

This past Friday was a great day for a little hike! I went out to Lake Chabot with Jenn around 9am and we explored a few of the trails around the lake. The weather was brisk in the morning with some low cloud cover that quickly thinned out to offer up some great lighting in the underbrush along the trail.

With the winter season fast approaching, the ground cover was rich with the vibrant colors of the fall leaves. And, despite the lengthy drought, there was a thick blanket of moss on the rocks and tree roots. One such spot along the trail offered up this view with the parting clouds letting through the bright sun behind the trees.

Nikon D300 w/Nikkor 18-70mm G: 18mm, f/3.5, 1/40sec, ISO 400

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Novato, California

After a good Easter dinner with the family, I went out in the yard for some more night sky images. This time using my 50mm prime lens for the wider aperture and putting my plum tree at the bottom of the frame to have a grounding element.

The tree seems to be reaching for the stars as it stretches up past the light pollution lower in the sky and the longer shutter speed managed to capture a few shooting stars passing through the atmosphere.

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Novato, California

Took this a while back when I was testing my manual lens and have been playing with the image for a while. I like the movement in the clouds that resulted from the longer exposure time. My first thought when starting the edit process of this was that it looked like passing spirits in the sky, and I continued that thought and theme when doing the various edits required to get this end result.

No pre-set filters, just some manual adjustments to exposure and hue in select areas. The cloud/tree was lit by street lights and I quite like the erie color.

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Novato, California

A nice early spring blossoming of the plum trees here in Novato, CA. Its a very magical time of the year that lasts about a week when the numerous plum and cherry plum trees are filled with beautiful white and pinkish blossoms.

Today was the perfect day to get some shots of these spring time blossoms with a light cloud cover adding in some drama to the sky. Took this one in my back yard with my trusty (and heavy) manual AiS lens.

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Kauai, Hawaii

A beautiful fall day on the island of Kauai. Light rain in the morning with the clouds giving way to the sun and blue skies by the early afternoon. One of the best things that I liked about Kauai was the ability to just drive to another part of the island if it was raining somewhere. Rarely could I not find some sun.

This image was taken during a zip-line adventure that Jenn and I took on our second day on the island. The tour was based in the northern part of the island and was great fun with stunning views and a great group of people.

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Berowra Heights, New South Wales

Hiking back down the hill after watching the sun set on my first night in the Sydney area, Tash mentioned that there had been a fairly big fire some years ago in the area. Scary to think about all the dry brush land being ignited so close to a residential area, but luckily it was contained quickly.

Though no homes were lost or damaged, the brush and trees on the hill top weren’t so lucky. This tree had the base of its stump burned out, but has managed to come back to life and branch out from the destruction. I had to use a flash for some fill light on this one as it was quickly getting dark.

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Kauai, Hawaii

A spectacular view across the Waimea Canyon road out towards the small island of Ni’Ihau at sunset. A car coming down from the top of the canyon rim provided some nice fill light on the road and they waited patiently until I was done with the shot, and thus gave me the title “Lighting The Way”.

Not much has been done to this photo to bring out the colors in the sky. Some slight level and contrast adjustments, but thats about it.

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Took a look back through the archives the other day and found a couple images that I liked but felt that the post work that was previously done to them could be improved on. Both images were taken in Yosemite back in 2005.

Jenn leaning against a moss covered tree in Yosemite National Park. Thanks to the overcast day and the time of year, not many people were out and about.

Soft light provided by the overcast day and the tree canopy above bring out the warm colors of fall in Yosemite as Jenn takes a break from the hike to get in some shots.

I love late fall in Yosemite! The colors are spectacular and the summer crowds are almost non-existant. The forest floor along the Mirror Lake trail was blanketed in rich yellow and orange leaves. The entire atmosphere of the valley made for a great day taking landscape and art-nude shots.

Both images are available as Open Edition, Limited Edition, and Gold Edition prints.

Located in the heart of the Blue Mountains, Wentworth Falls towers at an astonishing 614ft in three tiers. The falls are somewhat seasonal and fed by the Jamison Creek and is a short(ish) drive from Sydney. Continue reading



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