Upper Fairway Falls

Novato, California

Quite a ways up from the lower and middle falls is a third cascade under heavy tree cover. The climb up to this area is steep, and once you reach the falls you are left with the decision to climb down or view through the trees from the top. Of course, for getting a picture the only choice is to climb down from above. There is no trail, only the side of the canyon to clammer down.

Thanks to an abundance of trees, rocks, and roots; I was able to reach the mid-point of the falls and find a good position that wasn’t obstructed by tree branches. The falls flow right over a large crack in the rock face and continue to fall another 10 feet deep into the canyon below. Reaching the bottom, while possible, is not advised as the rocks are covered in moss and extremely slippery.

Nikon D300 w/Nikkor 18-70mm G:
18mm, f/11, 3sec, ISO 200

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